Adrian Collins Photography

Concerts • Music Festivals • Nightlife


            My style of taking photographs is what other people would consider taking a crazy risk. Hey! I do what I gotta do! If you want to photograph the craziness of a nightclub, you gotta become part of the craziness. For music, you’ve gotta have a true passion. Not just for the music itself, but the strong emotion that comes from the artist. My end goal when I pick up a camera is to do whatever has to be done to get that perfect “holy $#!+!” reaction from someone. To me, it’s not crazy to hang off the edge of the second-floor railing. It’s just me taking that sick photo of a DJ.  Or throwing myself into a crowd at a concert to get a crowd shot of a musician. I wouldn’t say I’m a daredevil or a risk taker, I’m just a guy with a camera.